Fic: 7x12: "Time after Time" missing scene (SPN)

7x12 "Time After Time" Missing scene

Title: A time travelers' guide to arcane knowledge.
Rating: PG-13 (Curse words. Bad Dean.)
Pairings: None, really, unless you have your slash goggles on.
Spoilers: Season 5, Season 6, Season 7 episode 12.
Summary: Dean was surprised Time Travel wasn't more heavily abused, really. A 7x12 "Time After Time" Missing scene.
AN: Will probably be Jossed soonlike, but since I'm still waiting for a new episode to do so, how about a little drabble of hope? God knows there's not enough of it in the show.

It was in the quiet of writing the letter to Sam that the realization that Dean was in the past, and what it meant, really sunk in. He idly wondered if he should write another letter detailing the whole apocalypse(s) and send it to the himself before Cold Oaks. Possibly hundreds of letters, to everyone he knew. He thought hard about it, before discarding the thought. It would probably rip a hole in the space-time continuum, get Fate all pissed at him, or something. Still, not being able to effect his own past, and he had certainly tried with Mom, left other possibilities open. Colt had sent those Phoenix Ashes that had arrived right as they got back from the Wild West. Was there anything they could use, that they needed, that was available to him now?

Dean looked up from the old fashioned writing desk, staring blankly at the mishmash of clothes, fabric, hunting paraphernalia, spell ingredients, and books that he could see in the back room of Ezra Moore, Bobby's female 1944 counterpart. Him and Sam, they didn't really need any of those things though, and even if they did, they could more easily get them in their own time, not the when that Dean was stuck in. What they needed was information. Things like "What is up with that spot of land in the middle of nowhere?" and "What is the leviathans' endgame?" or, hell, even just information about the leviathans in general. Sadly, that too was only available in the present. The leviathans had never before walked the Earth, leaving a pretty short list of beings that knew diddlysquat about-.

Dean froze. He. Was in. The PAST. Death probably wasn't pissed off at him at this point, except by his very living existence. Possibly... but no. It was Death's sucky advice that left Cas negative souls but plus leviathans, which finally killed him for good.

Gabriel. Gabriel was still alive in this time. Still alive and hiding from his dick brothers. Gabriel gave his life for them, one of the few Angels who would support humanity over Heaven or Hell. Gabriel was one of the first Four, he should know something, anything about leviathans. And didn't he read somewhere about Gabriel and Michael being the ones to slay the Leviathan at the end of the world? Dean was reaching, and he knew it, seeing as how the Leviathan in the legends and the leviathans walking around had little in common except a possible affinity with water, but he was desperate for anything against the bastards that killed Bobby, (killed Cas, a part of his mind whispered).

Dean took another glance around, eyeing the herbs and spell components a little harder this time. There's probably enough here for a general summoning, if Ezra didn't have any info on a more specific summoning for Loki. He could try it. He would try it.

Mind made up, Dean finished his letter to Sam, tucked it in his inner suit pocket, and went off to charm Ezra. He had an archangel to summon.
where angels tread

Fic: An archangel's guide to the universe (SPN/SGA)

Title: An archangel's guide to the universe
Author: slvrcrystalc.
Fandom: Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Wordcount: 2138
Summary: Oops. Looks like he missed one.

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AN: And so begins the adventures of Gabriel in Stargate-land. All problems can be solved by tossing a random way-OP character on top of them. ^.^
AN2: it took like 5 hours to write 2k words?!
AN3: First time I've actually posted anything. Review?

Plot bunnies

Corral for my bunnies. I kinda suck at writing, so.

Fandom: Danny Phantom/Stargate Atlantis
Summary/Plot: Sheppard is trapped between dimensions, presumed dead by his friends. Rodney, consumed with guilt,dives into research into what went wrong. The only thing he's able to find that looks remotely like the data from Sheppard's "Death" is some published research by some insane ghost hunter family called Fenton. Danny, the only one able to see Sheppard as he constantly follows Rodney around, mistakes Sheppard for a normal human, freaking out Rodney and giving himself away.

Fandom: Highlander/(Any Angel-Using Fandom)
Summary/Plot: Immortals are Angels, either Watchers, cast down to live with their human lovers, or those who sided with neither Lucifer or God (Neutrals), or, the other angels who sided with Lucifer. Stripped of their Grace, they walk the world, always fighting, always dying and being reborn, until they manage to live x years. When they die they keep their previous years, if not the memories, but must wait x years after death to be reborn. Only one immortal is nearing the end of his sentence, and soon, his actions will reflect upon all.

Fandom:Good Omens/Supernatural
Summary/Plot: The multiverse is like a tree, with universes branching away from the the main trunk. These branches must be pruned before Lucifer is able to rise. There is more to the fight against the apocalypse than the Winchesters ever knew. With Earth after Earth, universe after universe, falling into nothingness, only a few branches survive, preventing the Rise. One of them is a tiny little thing, with little supernatural influence and only one set of Agents: one Angel, one Fallen. It was scheduled for the standard Anti-Christ Apocalypse, but somehow it all went wrong. Desperate, Heaven uses the universe as a launching pad for the attack on Hell to retrieve their Righteous-man, throwing the universe into Chaos, Anarchy, and Destruction. Disillusioned, Aziraphale the Bookshop Angel and Crowley, the Angel who didn't Fall so much as Saunter Vaguely Downwards find themselves in the Main Trunk universe right as Lucifer Rises. Somehow, they had become the Licensed Agents on Earth, needing no Vessels or connection with the Host. Together they had 12,000 years of combined knowledge in earthly fighting, spycraft, manipulation, subterfuge, and generally getting one up on another Angelic being. This time, they would make sure to protect their home.

Fandom: Supernatural
Summary/Plot: In the many Epic Gay Love Story(s) of Dean and Castiel, there are many times where Cas has fallen, or somehow been demeaned/lessened by Dean and humanity, but no where near the same amount where Dean has risen. There are stories where Dean is Michael, but that tends to demean 'humanity' as a whole, re: Obviously, no one can be that good, he must be a fallen angel.
There needs to be more fic where Dean is an Angel without it taking away his hard fought humanity. Possibly he steals it. Possibly he is granted it. Maybe it's an accident. Maybe it's fate. But, let us have a look at the other side of the looking glass, and see how Dean likes the culture shock of a completely different society, where Cas must now show Dean how to live in his world.
Part 1

Comment fic

Anther comment fic. Did this one at work.

marbleglove on November 25th, 2011 12:15 pm (local)
Highlander, Methos and the Watchers, Adam Pierson doesn't do anything suspicious like train in swords, but he is an experienced BASE jumper.

Even in the research division, Watchers are encouraged to pick up hobbies that would seem odd to people at any other workplace. There were a lot of the "normal" skills based in camouflage, espionage, and historical/linguistics that were the bread and butter of the Watcher Académie, but there were also other, less often used skills.

Methos didn't think liking to Base jump was too unusual for his persona. Sometimes, a person needed to be a little bit unusual so as not to stand out. Fredrick of Section L was very, very good at parkour. Alisha of Section C was an expert at underwater archaeology. George in HR was a pretty decent blacksmith. It wasn't that bad. It was also very important to Methos' mental health. Base jumping had a slight, but very much there, chance of killing him permanently. Methos knew that, for him, combating the urge to do stupid, ridiculous, dangerous things, such as meeting a certain immortal-magnet Highlander, are easy to do when you're already doing a stupid, ridiculous, dangerous thing, such as base jumping, or joining the watchers. All this one required, for the watchers, was occasionally train one of the occasional field agents in the dangers and differences between base jumping and falling out of an airplane. It wasn't like an action movie where spies jumped off buildings all the time. That would imply that the watcher had already failed at being a watcher. It was simply a hobby. One that he, ironically, used to keep himself alive.

[Supernatural] What Makes An Angel (1/?)

Title: What Makes An Angel. (1/?)
Author: SilverCrystalC
Rating: PG?
Warnings: no beta.
Word Count: WIP

Summary:Dean always thought it would be pretty kick-ass to have angel powers. He just didn't think it would ever actually happen.
Notes: Wip. Maybe if put some of this down all the alternate versions of it will stop bothering me. In Media res, man. (also, second fic ever.) If anyone wants to give me tips on how to write, or tell me I'm doing something wrong, feel free. I need a beta. =(

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