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Posted by mangacrack here
Supernatural, Sam & Dean, “We are being attacked by murderous cartoons?"

"This is seriously fucked up," Dean shouted
over the cries of "PIKA-PikaCHU" and gunfire. There were around twenty of the little yellow fuckers racing around Main street, electrocuting trapped shoppers. At least they were pretty easy to kill. Dean saw a woman with an umbrella beating on one of the things until it collapsed and faded away like smoke. She was kinda hot. He'd have see if he could bump into her, afterwards.

It was a pretty small town that they had traced the new deaths to. The first few deaths they had noticed had almost seemed like a trickster's vengeance, except they seemed more random, and none of the people had anything in common, not even being assholes. The deaths lasted three days, and ended with a dehydrated, dessicated mummy being found. Then, a week later, the same pattern emerged in a completely different town, only fifty miles away.

The first time, the deaths were from what seemed like "Fairies" sneaking around town, the second set had honest-to-god unicorns prancing around in the nearby forest, goring people who got too close. The first dessicated mummy was a young librarian, found in the attic of a library. It was said that she really loved fairy stories. The second mummy was the town's resident crazy cat lady. The town librarian said that she loved checking out fantasy fiction with unicorns in them. Both bodies were found positioned as if clutching something to their chests, but nothing was found with them. Today was the end first day of the third town, found, again, fifty miles away.

Judging by the fact that the attackers were from a children's cartoon, Dean and Sam had guessed that this time, the last victim was going to be a kid. Luckily, people tend to notice when their kids go missing pretty quickly, so they hoped to find him or her, and whatever object that was making their fantasy's come to life. That was Sam's job. Dean's job was making sure the murderous cartoons didn't kill anyone while Sam was searching.

Dean snapped three more shots off, killing three of the yellow sparky things that had ganged up in front of a pharmacy, right before a woman with a shopping bag clutched to her chest ran right out the door the fading mouse things were dissipating against.

"Woah there." Dean caught her arm, trying to maneuver her back into the shop. "It's not safe out here, ma'am."

"My son!" The lady was desperate, not even looking at him, pulling away. "He's sick, home alone. He wouldn't even leave his room this morning!"

Deans grip loosened slightly, as he wondered if this kid was The Kid. He was about to ask about him as the lady continued.

"He loves Pokemon, if he saw what was outside, nothing could stop him from running out and hugging one of these things!"

Bingo, Dean thought, as he let go of the lady's arm and asked her where her house was. As she pointed across the street to the second story of a small clothing store, Dean nodded so himself. This area was pretty close to the original reports of a 'flying dragon thing' that was what brought them to the town in the first place, and the starting place of the tiny yellow pika things. He ran after the lady, taking a glance around to check on Sam and the other 'pika's.

There were more people fighting back now, and more on the ground shaking and cartoonishly blackened from the electricity arcing off of the 'pika's. Sam was further down the street, working with a pair of uniform police officers. Dean yelled his brother's name, and when he saw Sam looking, waved at the lady, then the shop with the upstairs apartment, then continued following the lady.

The lady hadn't really noticed him following her before, or thought nothing of it, but now that he was up the stairs and in her home, she started freaking out at him. He ignored her, quickly spotted a door that looked like it belonged to a little boy's room, and went in, telling the lady that her son was in danger, with her fluttering behind him.

The boy's room was small, and completely filled with multicolored monsters, the largest of which was a big, red dragon squatting at the end of the boy's bed. The boy himself was looking half-dead and sunken, curled up on the bed, holding something to his chest. Ignoring the mother shrieking behind him, he shot the dragon, which looked like it had some very mean looking teeth, stepped on a plant-dinosaur and leaped from it to the top of the bed, swatting a giant butterfly out of the air mid-leap. He landed almost on top of the boy, and as the monsters around him started up their various calls and attacks, forced the boys hands open and grabbed the object off of his chest.

It was a monkey paw. Only it couldn't be a monkey paw, they didn't work like that, did they? The monsters around him were disappearing as he pulled back from the boy. The paw, it had to be some sort of weird mutated monkey paw, twitched in his hand. All Dean had time to think was, "Oh, Shit," as the paw wiggled from his grasp and went straight toward his chest. He blacked out.

Dean came to to the smell of smoke and the sight of his brother grinning down at him. Sam gave him a hand up and hustled him out of the the house. The boy, looking fine, watched him leave wide eyed, while the mother glared at him and said nothing. Sam started laughing, but managed to gasp out "We really gotta go," to Dean as he pushed him out the door.

The chaos outside had changed slightly. There were more people on the ground or against walls, but it seemed like everyone down was male, and everyone standing, and glaring, was female, with a few exceptions. Sam had stopped laughing, but was still grinning as they walked quickly to their car, parked off to the side where they managed to run over a couple 'pika's. "Dude," Dean asked as they got in, "What did I summon?"

"Half naked girls, Dean. They jumped everyone. And then," Sam started laughing again, "And then, that guy, Doctor Sexy? From that soap you watch, he..." Sam trailed off as he couldn't stop laughing.

"Chicks, that's not to bad, they didn't kill anyone?" Dean asked, reassured when Sam shook his head, still unable to speak. Dean was a bit worried about the Doctor Sexy thing though. What had he done? "What about..." Dean trailed off as Sam actually started to laugh harder. "Sam?" Dean said warningly.

"I'll tell you later" Sam grinned. "Though, Dean, I didn't know you felt that way about Doctor Sexy. You could've told me, you know. I'd have been supportive, really. It really explains a lot." Sam managed to hold the wide eyed earnest look for a couple more seconds, before dissolving into giggles.

When Dean finally drove out of town, he turned his attention away from the road to see Sam doing something with his phone. Shit. Pictures. Could be either awesome or the worst blackmail ever, and with the way Sam was still giggling occasionally right now, he didn't want to risk it. He snatched the phone away and sat on it. Sam merely grinned at him.

"Too late, I've already uploaded the pictures to my account." Shit. Well, at least Sam was still laughing, he hadn't really laughed like that for awhile. That was worth any amount of embarrassment, wasn't it? If only he knew what Doctor Sexy had done!