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Title: An archangel's guide to the universe
Author: slvrcrystalc.
Fandom: Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Wordcount: 2138
Summary: Oops. Looks like he missed one.

A summoning was pulling on his essence. It was as annoying as it was unique. He hadn't really had a summoning for centuries now; he assumed the knowledge to do so was lost for good, helped along by him, of course. He really should've known better.

He cound't use his usual trick to 'Go Angel' to slip the summoning's noose. There were too many of his kind nosing around on Earth now, very strategically failing to save seals. He supposed the angel-grunts on the ground couldn't see it, but those higher up on the food chain certainly could. They really were helping to raise Lucifer. It simultaneously pissed him off and made him glad that he had left, and made him want to go back, just to see what the hell they were all thinking.

His wings itched with the summoning, and he shifted them idly back and forth across the planes as he thought about what to do. He supposed he would take the summoning. Gods crossed dimensions to see to all their followers all the time. The summoning would help to mask him 'getting out of dodge', so to speak. He took a closer look at the summoning even as he relaxed his hold on the current space-time, letting it carry him away from the dimension with ol' Lucy's cage. Wait a mo', his wings itched?! Someone was targeting him-as-an-angel, in addition to him-as-a-god.

He couldn't put the breaks on mid-summoning, that would bring attention to him from too many beings than he was comfortable thinking about. He looked a lot harder at the summoning. It was multidimensional, he knew that already. Was planning on it, even. It was pretty standard, Nordic influenced,. It was hard to tell from this side of the summoning, but he was pretty sure that Loki was the name being used. The person doing the summoning was male, human, desperate. Possibly American. It was more of an entreaty to help, than to judge, or for vengeance. The human must have had some sort of tie to him; the summoning was too strong otherwise. He wasn't a priest; not that Loki really had priests, even back in the day. Possibly something about the entreaty was just perfectly in his purview? Or, possibly, there was some sort of debt he owed, passed along in the family?

He withdrew his attention from trying to discern the summoning and sent it off to find more about the place that the summoning was coming from. He really didn't want to be wrong and walk straight into a circle of Holy Fire. It was coming from, uh oh, the back end of nowhere, somewhere in a grouping of the larger, more technological-based universes. It wasn't one of the 'magic-free' universes, where will-based powers didn't work, or else the summoning wouldn't have worked. Probably. There was an actual person doing the summoning, not some sort of machine simply making artificial waves and echos.

He couldn't quite narrow down where the summoning was coming from any more than that, which should have been impossible. He should have access to everything with no trouble at all, even the 'magic-free' universes. He was like a super-admin to the multiverse, only Father...

The summoning pulled him into what looked like the void between two universes, that just happened to take up around the same amount of 'space' as a universe would. It felt like hitting a steel wall, only, ya' know, harder, considering he could rip through a steel wall with a sneeze. A steel wall made of razorblades, jeeze. He shifted, compacting more into his god-vessel, twisting slightly, finally able to see why he couldn't see. The universe was exactly the right, or wrong, 'frequency' compared to angelic beings. They were canceling out, like two opposite waves meeting each other. Huh. He'd never thought of that before. He shifted, so ever slightly, his own self, his frequency. Dad really didn't like it when they accidentally destroyed universes, which is what he would have done soon.

He pulled back and took a look at it from the outside, brushed up a couple cracks. It was a lot easier to see now. No real harm done, haha. Oops. He had paused in being summoned. The effect of his doing so rippled across the universe, but did not escape it's borders. And it looked like there were no gods currently in said universe, and certainly no angels, so he was off scot-free. Yes! He could probably do any angelic thing he wanted in this place with no other angels the wiser. Well, so long as he didn't accidentally pop it like a balloon.

He zoomed in on his summoner. No holy oil, no stake with blood on it, no trapping or binding spells in evidence, or any spells at all. He let the summoning pull him all the way in and sighed as it relaxed it's hold. His vessel popped in a circle of blood runes, looking down at his dying summoner. He squatted as if to get a better look. Yup, dying. Good guy, though. Huh, great guy. Right up there with Dean Winchester in the Righteous man level. You really didn't see that all that often. He was feeling pretty generous, being summoned into the ultimate hiding place, even if it was a bit uncomfortable, so he healed the guy. Huh, so that's why his summoning grabbed his whole essence, the kid was related, distantly. His kids should know better than to have any real offspring with humans, though it seemed to work out well this time, with the universe itself making sure to suppress any angelic traits. He'll have to take a look down the bloodline, just to make sure.

The kid, John Sheppard, nice name, seemed to be noticing that a) he was not dying, and that b) he was not alone. Gabriel (He decided he could be Gabriel, for a little bit, for once. Not having to hide so hard even his name was off limits was great.) decided to take a look around, seeing the smaller picture this time. They were in some sort of ancient caved-in tunnel. Well, the tunnel was ancient, or aha, Ancient; the cave-in was new. The cave-in also used to be on top of his summoner, but it would be a shitty thing to do to heal someone and then let them be re-crushed to death. Gabriel was gleaning context off of John's slowly revving up mind.

The planet (Planet?) they were on was yet another Ancient outpost/ research area. It's name, in John's mind, was both a series of unpronounceable glyphs and some random set of letters and numerals. They were in Wraith (Wraith? 'Evil Space-Vampire-Nazis,' thinks John.) territory, but then everything was Wraith territory in the Pegasus Galaxy (Galaxy?! ...Yeah, they really were a galaxy over from Earth's). Gabriel paused. Then he paused everything else. There should, in no way, be any sort of humans in a different Galaxy. Even in other universes where everything seems to go well for them, and technology, or magic allows them to travel very far distances, they still only get around within their own galaxy. The void is simply too great. Yet here was an American sitting on a terraformed-for-human-use planet in a completely different galaxy.

Gabriel spread himself outwards, pulling in knowledge while simultaneously downloading everything John knew (which was a bit of a breach, but that's what you get for summoning a being like him, and sometimes you needed the context from the first-person point of view rather than the universes') and ran smack dab into a set of higher energy beings chilling out on a higher-plane. He brushed though them, skimming what they know, which was mostly science-science-science, with an air of self-rightiousness. Boring. John's memories, which read like a sci-fi/action television show, named them Ancients, or 'lantians, or Alterians, or Ori. The first evolution of human(ish) beings on Earth. Which, oops, he was supposed to have destroyed ages ago. Yup, that big flood? His job. Dad never said anything about him missing a universe, though. Perhaps he was supposed to miss it? Of course he was supposed to, or else he would've been told. Dad was still doing that, back then.

He had a point of difference to expand upon, now. What had the Ancients done, after what was supposed to be the flood; what had they changed? He was only a couple thousand years in when the whole universe started vibrating. Oops again. While able to exist in the universe now, Gabriel was still pretty close to being it's metaphorical anti-matter. Gabriel pulled back, pulled into his vessel, stopped exerting his influence on everything. He was down to just Trickster tricks for a little bit. Local Time restarted.

"So?" he asked John, eyebrows raised, still squatting down to look at him. Gabriel knew what he wanted, now, but there were still formalities to see, and he had time to kill.

"Um." John replied eloquently.

Gabriel took the time to subtlety adjust the oxygen content of the caved-in hallway they were in, and make sure that no more structural damage was eminent.

John Sheppard was usually more quick about these sorts of things. Considering his job, he hard to be, but he had just been dying a second ago, so Gabriel decided to help him out a bit.

"Hey. I'm Loki." Gabriel grinned. He had to introduce himself that way, considering that's how he was summoned. "But you can call me Gabriel." But then again, the kid was kin.

"I, uh, didn't think that would actually work." John still wasn't all there yet, so Gabriel kept grinning and raised his eyebrows again. "John." John continued, "Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard." Saying his name seemed to ground him and remind him why he was here.

Gabriel felt like patting him on the head, so he did so. He was capricious like that.

"Well, technically..." Gabriel drew out the word slowly, "it shouldn't have worked. I mean, just look at these runes, sloppy sloppy. You don't have any of the proper herbs, the circle is more of an oval, and you barely meet any of the power requirements at all, even with you laying over there dying." Gabriel had bounced up and started to meander around the enclosed area during his speech, but now stopped dead to eye John like he was a particularly interesting piece of mold, face serious.

"But you got lucky." Gabriel continued, melting out of his frozen seriousness. He started wandering around again. "We're actually related, you know. One of my kids, I don't know which yet but I will find out, is sitting somewhere up your family tree. It's why your grandma-ma taught you how to summon me, though you're the first to actually do so." Gabriel's wandering had ended right next to John, who had just gotten his feet under him and stood up. Gabriel grinned, and grabbed John's head in a steel headlock, and gave him a noogie. John flailed uselessly for the three second long noogie, then jumped back wide-eyed when Gabriel released him.

"So. I feel like I should help you out, in a sort of 'Sorry for not noticing you guys exist' way. And also for rummaging through your head to find out where we are. Sorry. So." He should probably stop saying 'so.' Gabriel stepped into the exact center of the summoning oval and made a show of situating himself inside it.

"Usually, at this point, you tell me why you summoned me." Gabriel grinned again.

John only paused a split second before launching into his tale, telling Gabriel about the Deep Space Radar lab they had found, wanting to use it to track the Wraith. He spoke of how activating it to find Wraith had let the Wraith find them, and about how, at the last minute, Rodney had noticed the way certain ships were sneaking up on Atlantis. How they were unable to get a signal off to Atlantis, to warn them before the Wraith started to bombard the outpost, how they were all separated, how his team, inside, and his men, outside, were captured, and how he was hurt and left for dead, not even worthy enough to be Wraith food.

Gabriel's face was serious as he listened. He also thought it was a good thing he had already pulled most of this information from John's mind, else he'd have no idea what a Wraith was, and, mostly, he still didn't. He'd have to see one of them in person to really get a good sense of them. Good thing it looked like he was about to.

"Please, can you help?" John finally finished.

"Sure, kid," Gabriel said. He extended his hand, and John took it.


AN: And so begins the adventures of Gabriel in Stargate-land. All problems can be solved by tossing a random way-OP character on top of them. ^.^
AN2: it took like 5 hours to write 2k words?!
AN3: First time I've actually posted anything. Review?


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Dec. 25th, 2011 01:29 pm (UTC)
This is actually really good. Amusing. I really do hope you continue it.
Dec. 26th, 2011 05:44 am (UTC)
Thank you!
Dec. 25th, 2011 02:22 pm (UTC)
Yes, yes. Please do continue.
Dec. 26th, 2011 05:46 am (UTC)
Thank you! I will try.
Dec. 25th, 2011 02:32 pm (UTC)
I really really love Gabriel and SGAtlantis, and I enjoyed this first chapter. I vote for chapter 2!

Also, I think a meeting between Rodney and Gabriel would be hilarious.
Dec. 26th, 2011 05:50 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm nervous about Rodney and Gabe. I get the feeling I wouldn't do them justice.
Dec. 25th, 2011 04:52 pm (UTC)
Please continue. I want to see Gaberial and Rodney meeting.
Dec. 26th, 2011 05:50 am (UTC)
Thank you!
Dec. 25th, 2011 05:36 pm (UTC)
Interesting concept. I would really like to see more interaction between Gabriel and Johna nd definitely Gabriel and Rodney now that we have been inside Gabriel's head space (which is kind of a scary place.)
Dec. 26th, 2011 05:51 am (UTC)
Thank you!
Dec. 26th, 2011 04:30 pm (UTC)
Do as I say, not as I do. No, really.
Yes, please, more. I think the rules and exceptions Gabriel keeps in his head are a good fit to his canon behavior, and to the way various universes work. (Of course there shouldn't be anywhere God's messenger can't go. And of course his kids haven't been entirely responsible in the matter of having babies; why should they be? They're his kids. He knows this, but he's so powerful he can bluster his way past recognizing it.

But no one can get his own clever self into trouble like a Trickster. They all meet their Tar Baby sooner or later. Family and humanity, those are Gabriel's vulnerabilities, and in this 'verse he's encountered a twofer. Should be very interesting.
Dec. 27th, 2011 09:39 am (UTC)
Enjoyed this beginning very much - and like your explanation of John being able to summon Loki/Gabriel. It would be fun to see further development of that relationship, and others' reactions to it. Good job - I hope your muse allows you to continue.
Dec. 29th, 2011 10:17 pm (UTC)
Hells yes!! More, please?! ^^
Feb. 7th, 2012 06:51 am (UTC)
More please? This is very interesting-Gabriel's a fun character (I was very upset when they killed him) and it's an interesting twist on a stargate crossover.
Aug. 20th, 2014 06:17 pm (UTC)
Any chance of you continuing this?

I really like it and re-read it once in a while :)
A next chapter would make me a very happy camper indeed :D
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